Poem 100515

You may notice a pattern in my writings. I’m either infatuated and completely engulfed in romanticism or happiness, or I’m heavy in grief or despair. If you look at any significant artist, be they poets, musicians, or even painters and sculptors, you will probably find that their most significant works were created at the epitome of an emotion. Art, in any form, is when something is created that connects with it’s creator (and hopefully others).

We all have experienced, are experiencing, and will experience these moments in our lives. Utter and complete joy, absolute despair, renewed hope (this is not limited to Star Wars), or head-over-heels love. How do you express that? How can you express such large amounts of emotion? Is it possible to even begin to convey? In its fullness, probably not. But we may as well try.

Poem 100515
How long must one uphold those tiresome things
When grief has turned a heart of flesh to stone
And though thou loves those whom the heart has turned
Yet in the midst of many, is alone
For like the claws adorned by monstrous beasts
which tear from bone the flesh that once did live
So it is for he who is betrayed
Whose soul in its entirety did give
For though he did himself all things lay bare
In truest love show all known to be real
Their eyes can only see what they desire
And know not of the truth that was revealed
O, weary soul, make haste to altar’s floor
To supplicate in reverence and in fear
And cast thyself before the mercy seat
In hopes that those you love may soon draw near

“To Make You Feel My Love” Cover

Have you ever had to speak in front of a crowd? It’s scary. Have you ever sang in front of a crowd? It’s even more scary. Have you ever written a poem and shared it with people? Anxieties galore. Now try writing words and music, and THEN singing it in front of a crowd.

I love to sing. My parents used to say that I was singing before I was talking. My dad used to sing to me and dance with me as a baby while listening to Willie Nelson or Ricky Skaggs to get me to sleep. However, putting your own stuff out there for the world to see is, in all seriousness, pretty terrifying. Partly because you are your biggest critic and you usually think whatever you are presenting is not as good as it could be. But also because the things you create are a part of you. You are, quite literally, baring a part of your soul and allowing others to accept or reject it.

All of that to say, I’m going to share a cover song with you. I know, sorry. But I have to intrigue you first and keep you coming back for more, right?! I first heard this song when Garth Brooks covered it and always loved it. It’s meaningful, it’s simple, and it’s fun to sing.

Poetry and Song (Poem 092915)

There are a few things I love in this world. My husband, truly the most amazing man I’ve ever met, my children who make me want to be a better person every day, and music. Music can literally transform me. And there are many forms of music, instrumental, songs with lyrics, and poetry. Yes, I consider poetry a form of music because when you read or hear poetry it flows smoothly, it has rhythms, and it can take you to another time and place. I grew up reading and writing poetry. I was inspired by folks like Shel Silverstein who made poetry fun and relevant. I also love Shakespeare. Not because he is famous, but because there is such beauty and eloquence in his use of words and rhythms. Little known fact, I’m actually related to him (although don’t hold me to his standard)! So, as I introduce you to the creative corner of my brain, know that it has been a true joy and practice of mine since I was just a young girl. Music is beautiful.

Poem 092915

When on the restless things my heart does dwell
And slumber is a stranger to my eyes
I am, myself, a burden to my soul
And my own mind a thing that I despise
But if my heart would hasten to your presence
And lay bare all that casts a dreary glow
Renewed can be the joy that once did fill me
And beauty be the friend my soul will know
For love is all encompassed in your being
And peacefulness a fruit of your divine
And I, when truly humble, am before you
Reflect thy face, and thy fruit becomes mine

© Jade Sokoll