Poem 100515

You may notice a pattern in my writings. I’m either infatuated and completely engulfed in romanticism or happiness, or I’m heavy in grief or despair. If you look at any significant artist, be they poets, musicians, or even painters and sculptors, you will probably find that their most significant works were created at the epitome of an emotion. Art, in any form, is when something is created that connects with it’s creator (and hopefully others).

We all have experienced, are experiencing, and will experience these moments in our lives. Utter and complete joy, absolute despair, renewed hope (this is not limited to Star Wars), or head-over-heels love. How do you express that? How can you express such large amounts of emotion? Is it possible to even begin to convey? In its fullness, probably not. But we may as well try.

Poem 100515
How long must one uphold those tiresome things
When grief has turned a heart of flesh to stone
And though thou loves those whom the heart has turned
Yet in the midst of many, is alone
For like the claws adorned by monstrous beasts
which tear from bone the flesh that once did live
So it is for he who is betrayed
Whose soul in its entirety did give
For though he did himself all things lay bare
In truest love show all known to be real
Their eyes can only see what they desire
And know not of the truth that was revealed
O, weary soul, make haste to altar’s floor
To supplicate in reverence and in fear
And cast thyself before the mercy seat
In hopes that those you love may soon draw near

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