Why I Love “Doctor Who”

I’m just going to put it out there: I love Doctor Who. I know not everyone agrees, but oh man does this one take the cake for me. It’s right up there with BBC’s Merlin (which if you haven’t watched, you should). I know this post may seem random, but the topic of “love” has been on my heart for quite a while. Love is the thing that inspires us. It inspires all forms of art, music, poetry, expression, dance, and pretty much every motive of human nature. We live for love, we are in despair when love is lacking or when it dies. Love makes us and breaks us and picks us up again. It’s real, and it is important. And love is why I love Doctor Who. So, if you wanted to hear a mild mannered but deeply personal rant about this iconic British television show, here you go…

I don’t love Doctor Who because it has great graphics. I don’t love it because the person playing the Doctor is attractive. I don’t love it because it is popular or because the story line is amazing. I love it because the Doctor is one of the best examples of love I’ve ever seen. He’s passionate about people. He cares about every living creature and will quite literally go to the ends of the universe to stand up for what is right and save those who need saving. He understands the foolishness of war and the wisdom in forgiveness. He knows kindness, pain, courage, bravery, life, death, friendship, love, loss, and the value of life better than anyone because he’s lived so many lives. Every single being is important and nothing is impossible and you never, ever give up even when it seems all hope is lost. He continues to help and care and save regardless of species, color, gender, shape, or size. His care and love for others is so strong that even when they have betrayed him, his love doesn’t end. Everyone is extraordinary if they would only take the time to be that way. And, above all else, he shows that it is not about how long you live, it’s about how you live and love in the time you’ve been given. You think Doctor Who is corny? I think you’ve missed one of the greatest examples of true love that television has ever portrayed.

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