Poetry and Song (Poem 092915)

There are a few things I love in this world. My husband, truly the most amazing man I’ve ever met, my children who make me want to be a better person every day, and music. Music can literally transform me. And there are many forms of music, instrumental, songs with lyrics, and poetry. Yes, I consider poetry a form of music because when you read or hear poetry it flows smoothly, it has rhythms, and it can take you to another time and place. I grew up reading and writing poetry. I was inspired by folks like Shel Silverstein who made poetry fun and relevant. I also love Shakespeare. Not because he is famous, but because there is such beauty and eloquence in his use of words and rhythms. Little known fact, I’m actually related to him (although don’t hold me to his standard)! So, as I introduce you to the creative corner of my brain, know that it has been a true joy and practice of mine since I was just a young girl. Music is beautiful.

Poem 092915

When on the restless things my heart does dwell
And slumber is a stranger to my eyes
I am, myself, a burden to my soul
And my own mind a thing that I despise
But if my heart would hasten to your presence
And lay bare all that casts a dreary glow
Renewed can be the joy that once did fill me
And beauty be the friend my soul will know
For love is all encompassed in your being
And peacefulness a fruit of your divine
And I, when truly humble, am before you
Reflect thy face, and thy fruit becomes mine

© Jade Sokoll

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