So, I did a thing.

Jade SokollHi, my name is Jade Sokoll. I’m the real Jade Sokoll (and I would stand up but, let’s be honest, at little over 5′ tall it doesn’t really allow you to see me any better). I like short walks on the beach followed by surf lessons, music that touches the heart or soul or internal “start dancing a little” button, food that is truly excellent, anything that can be included in ComicCon, and (more than all the previously listed) my husband and children.  Long ago, I had a blog. It was an attempt to share my thoughts with the world. However, this attempt was a bit “mom-ish” and was not really what I wanted to do. So this is a new place. A place of truth. A place of information. A place where I am going to post creativity, mediocrity, and yes, sometimes hilariosity (not a real word).

I can hear you now, “Why? Why do this thing?” Here is why. Well…okay, i’m not completely sure. Partly, because I want to share stuff with the world, and this is one way to do it that is greater than 140 characters and 15 second videos.

My other reason, however, is because I have a voice. “We all have a voice,” you say (and I assume you mean figuratively). Yes, but I would like to share mine, not because it’s more important, but because I feel I have something of value share with you. I believe I can share hope. I believe I can share love. I believe I can share joy, sorrow, victory, defeat, and you can maybe (just maybe) know that you are not alone. You matter. We all matter. We can all help to make the world better. Sometimes all it takes is one person to rally us, one moment or motivation to unite us. Maybe that can be here. Or maybe you just come to laugh, or get an idea, or share an idea. That’s cool (like bowties).

So, I don’t really know. Also, I doubt many of you will read this first post, so I think I’m safe sounding a little bit like a motivational speaker with a dream of being an actress and also being in a band while raising 3 children and being married to a freaking stud of a man. But guys, seriously, I hope you enjoy.

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